Importance of Product Reviews

There are more reasons than one why product reviews are very important. In our Photoshop Lady website, we are confident that every product review written is not just a figment of our imagination or something that we randomly thought about. We understand how and why product reviews are very significant and important. That is why we always do our best to come up with reviews that will not only be a good read but will also be of great help. So, if you are still wondering about the importance of product reviews, don’t worry since this post is solely on them!

What is a product review

To start with, what really is a product review? Taken from the Cambridge Dictionary, a product review is also known as a customer review. In e-commerce or marketing, it is an evaluation or a report about a product on a commercial or guide website to help future consumers decide on whether to use or buy a certain product.

According to Vangie Beal, when it comes to e-commerce, product reviews are used on shopping sites to give writers and customers the opportunity to rate and comment on products they have purchased. It can be done through an e-mail or right immediately on the product page. When published, other consumers can read these when making a purchase decision, and help them decide as well. Often, the company will include a URL on printed literature or e-mail marketing to invite customers to review their service after a transaction has been completed. Therefore, product reviews do not only affect the popularity or the feedback on products, but also the decision future consumers or buyers will make.

Importance of product reviews

Ratings and product reviews greatly affect the decision-making and behavior of the modern consumers. A high percentage of consumers read and base their decisions on product reviews. An online product review is the digital version of word-of-mouth marketing and we cannot turn away from it. It is defined by how customers or product reviewers experience a brand,  product, software, or service. And, like any other experience, it continuously evolves over time.

Steer purchase decisions

The presence of product reviews can help establish authenticity in a website. Most shoppers, especially the modern ones, will most likely never purchase a product without reading a good deal of product reviews. Believe it or not, they will make time to read every product review of a product that caught their eye. People read the good, the average, and the downright negative to make the all-important decision: should I pull out my wallet and purchase this thing? A study revealed that the presence of ratings and product reviews ranked as the most important factor affecting purchase decisions. Consumers consider them as an integral factor in their online purchase decision compared to the brand or price of the product. Also, whether or not free shipping is offered. Therefore, product reviews are important since they greatly affect purchasing decisions.

Builds trust and confidence in the product

Product reviews are one of the many ways to gain trust in the product and store. Online product reviews also increase and improve the website’s reputation. They do not work only to put confidence in their products but mostly build trust and loyalty. Well-written product reviews also set your products apart from the other ones. It is important that you get to establish trust through a good set of product reviews. Why? It is because trust when built, can help convert offline consumers online, and online consumers to become loyal buyers. Product reviews are also considered as a go-to source of product information for informed consumers. When stakes are high, such as with products in categories like computer, software, electronics and appliances, shoppers tend to place an even higher regard on trusty product information.

The modern “word-of-mouth”

The WOM or word-of-mouth marketing strategy has been a very effective way to encourage consumers to buy and use a certain product. Now, in our technologically advancing world, product reviews are considered to be the modern word-of-mouth. Before, shoppers relied on the opinions of friends, families, and sales agents to guide their purchasing decisions. Now, consumers tend to read tons of product reviews to guide them not only in buying products, but also tutorials, tips, and tricks related to different items. Nowadays, product reviews enable shoppers to tap into the hundreds of millions of these authentic opinions and product reviews. The influence of word-of-mouth marketing is growing, especially among younger and new consumers. Through reading product reviews, consumers get to be either encouraged or discouraged, just like the word-of-mouth works.

Increase the store’s online presence, exposure, and discoverability

Product reviews can also effectively help in increasing a store ’s online presence. Since customer feedback and written product reviews appear on each product’s page, reviews can help pages be found on search engines via unique and well-researched keywords. In the early phase of the purchasing decision, potential buyers will filter their options based on ratings and reviews. Product reviews become important evaluation tools for making purchases, which is crucial in the absence of the ability to try and test products such as automotive and consumer electronics and software. It is a complex form of user-generated content that is rich in SEO, using different words or keywords to make the product more discoverable, specifically for certain audiences. More product reviews mean more and long-term exposure for your store and website.

Effectively drive sales

As mentioned above, product reviews are important since they affect purchase decisions. And because of this, they can also effectively drive sales. There is a strong relationship between product reviews and sale conversation rates. It has everything to do with the buyer’s way of filtering decisions based on the product review they have read. A helpful product review is like a second opinion that reassures a buyer of their purchase. It does encourage them from the consideration to the purchase phase.

Facts to support the importance of product reviews

  • 92% users will use a local business if it has four-star or above rating.
  • 90% consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.
  • 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • 85% of customers read up to 10 reviews.
  • 72% of consumers feel that positive reviews make them trust online selling websites more.
  • 72% online shoppers will purchase only after reading positive reviews.
  • 67% of consumers read up to 6 reviews.
  • 39% customers read reviews regularly.
  • 31% consumers are inclined to spend on business with excellent reviews.
  • 7% of consumers read 20+ reviews.

Source: Search Engine Land


The immediate importance of product reviews is that they can make your consumers and future customers feel that much more confident. The more great product reviews you have, the more convinced a shopper will be. Thinking and knowing that they’re making the right decision on a trusted website. Moreover, product reviews can also help everyone understand your products better. At Photoshop Lady, we do not only prepare tips, tricks, tutorials, and guides for you. We also find and write significant product reviews that will surely be helpful.  Read more at Product Expert, where you will find the very best in product reviews!


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What Is The Ideal Zoom Room Background

With the pandemic ravaging the world all over, companies and individuals have been forced to adapt and make the best of the situation. We all realize that somehow life would need to go on, and we would need to find new and creative ways to work, carry on with our education and our social lives. One of the major ways in which organizations have evolved is by working from home and using software such as Zoom to carry out meetings and connect. While this has been quite effective and helpful in maintaining social distance, there have been plenty of mishaps such as pets showing up in front of the screen, or having kids run into the room screaming. All of these are normal life scenarios, and we have to find a way to maintain a good balance. Below, we have highlighted a couple of tips to help you with just that.

One of the easiest ways is to make your office space Zoom friendly. To do this, it is necessary that you have a good background, as it will be one of the major areas that your clients and colleagues will view through the screen. A few tips you can use include:

  • Pay attention to the color of your background

You want to select a space that will create contrast against your silhouette. For instance, if you have dark clothing on, then a brighter background will be good for you, and vice versa. Creating this contrast will prevent you from blending in into the background, and will instead help to define your outline.

  • Invest in good equipment

One of the major challenges in Zoom meetings is not being able to hear or see the other with clarity. To avoid these issues, then one of the things you can do is to invest in good Zoom Room equipment. A ring light, for instance, will greatly help to brighten up a dark room. It will also ensure that you are visible through the camera, thus making you presentable and boosting your confidence. Investing in good audio equipment is pretty helpful too since you will be able to articulate your points clearly and communicate with your colleagues with ease.

  • Tone down on visual distractions

While having a zoom meeting, it may be helpful to ensure that you clear away any personal items that you would not want your colleagues to see. This may include your family photos, for privacy, for instance. Furthermore, if you do not have the luxury of having a separate office space but instead have a desk in your bedroom, then you may consider background filters. These are an excellent and easy way for you to make your background conducive, without having to move around too much stuff.

With the new working from home setup, we have to embrace the new ways of working and adapt to the times. Setting up a comfortable and conducive office space is necessary, as it will help make you more productive. We do hope that these few tips will at the very least help to get you started.

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Websites that are poorly designed tend to perform below average and don’t have optimal Google Analytics metrics (e.g. low time on site, high bounce rates,  low pages per visit and low conversions). So what makes good design? let’s look into the top 10 web design principles that surely make ant website pleasing, easy to use, engaging, and effective.


Good web design always fulfill  the needs of the visitor. Are your web user looking for entertainment, information, some type of interaction, or to transact with your business? Each page of your website needs to have a clear viw of purpose, and to fulfill a specific need for your website users in the most effective way possible.


People on the web usually want information quickly, so it is important to communicate clearly, and make your information easy to read and digest. Some effective techniques include: presenting information using headlines and sub headlines, using bullet points instead of long paragraphs.

web design principles

web design principles


In general, fonts such as Arial and Verdana are easier to read online (Sans Serif fonts are contemporary looking fonts without decorative finishes). The ideal font size for reading easily online is 16px and stick to a maximum of 3 typefaces in a maximum of 3 point sizes to keep your design streamlined.


A picture can speak a thousand words, and choosing the right images for your website can help with brand positioning and connecting with your target audience. If you don’t have high quality photos on hand, try using stock photos to lift the look of your website. You can also consider videos, infographics. As these can be much effective in web design principles at Presenting than most well written piece of text.


A well colour pattern can go a long way to enhance the user experience. Complementary colours create balance and harmony. Using contrasting colours for the text and background will make reading easier on the eye. Vibrant colours create emotion and should be used sparingly (e.g. for buttons and call to actions). Last but not least, blank space/ negative space is very effective at giving your website a modern look.


Navigation is about how easy people can take action and move around your website. Some techniques for effective page navigation include a logical page hierarchy, using bread crumbs, designing clickable buttons, and following the ‘three click rule’ which means users will be able to find the information they are looking for within three clicks.



Eye tracking studies have revealed that people see computer screens in an “F” pattern. Most of what people see is in the top and left of the screen and the right side of the screen is rarely seen. Rather than trying to force the viewer’s visual flow, design website with a reader’s natural behavior and display information in order of importance (left to right, and top to bottom).


Placing content randomly on your web page can end up with a haphazard appearance that is messy. Grid based layouts places content into divided sections, columns and boxes that line up and feel balanced, which leads to a better looking website design.


The key point in web design principles. Everybody hates a website that takes ages to load. To improve page load time, you can optimize image sizes (size and scale), combining code into a central CSS or JavaScript file (this reduces HTTP requests) and minify HTML, CSS, JavaScript (compressed to speed up their load time).


It is now common to use websites from multiple devices with multiple screen sizes, so it is important to consider if your website is mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile user friendly, you can rebuild it in a responsive design or you can build a dedicated mobile site (a separate website optimised specifically for mobile users).


Web Design Principles of Successful Websites

What is Web Design?

Web design surrounds many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites The very process of using creativity to design and construct a website and updating it regularly to incorporate changes is also referred to as web designing.

Besides the creation and updating, it also involves taking care of the front end look, the architecture of information shows, the layout, the colors, content, navigation ergonomics, as well as the designs of the various icons.

Some other areas in web design include search engine optimization, user experience designs, standardized codes, graphic design, as well as interface design.

The term ‘web design’ may also point to the visual aspect of a website but in truth it also overlaps with the process of web development in a more broad sense.

The process includes front end designing and also the process of writing the markup.


Basic elements of a good web design

To rise high with a good web design and an effective visual and technical appearance of a website, there are some elements that must be followed. To get some introduction about these elements, you can go through the following given points:


It is an element of a web design which is responsible to create a flow in the design. A good web design is one which automatically makes our eyes move from one corner or content of the website to another, according to relevance or hierarchy.


Texture is one element that can help provide your design with a feeling of a surface. There are several types of textures that you can incorporate, and some of them include natural textures and artificial textures. This element should be used in a way that it highlights the content given on the website and makes it look more appealing.


Another basic element of a good website is the use of color. A black and white website may work for certain niches like photography websites, but it is always better to raise the appeal of a website using colors in a creative way. The colors are added in the later stage and not during the designing.


On most webpages, the shapes used are rectangular or squares but they don’t necessarily have to be. Shapes are responsible for the creation of an enclosed boundary in the overall design, and you can experiment with any shape you seem suitable.


Best Programming Language For Web Development


Web Development

is said to the process of creating a website that can range from developing a single page or a multi page website. Web development is a set of activities taht include programming, web design, content creation, client side or server side scripting as well as network security tasks, etc. In recent years, web development is said to the creation of content management systems or CMS, which is the mid-step between the user and the database. In order to pursue web development as a profession, one of the most important things that you will need to consider is having expertise in programming languages.


Interpreted Languages

An interpreted language can be executed directly and freely, line by line without being compiled earlier. Source code is run directly to produces the defined behavior right away, without generating an intermediary file

PHP — PHP is a popular language. If you have worked with WordPress, Drupal, or Opencart, then you are probably familiar with PHP because all of these platform are build on it.

Python — Python is also a very popular language. Free courses in Python are given bt Udacity that can take you all the way from coding a simple program to a driver-less car.

Ruby — It is best known for their framework, Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a good choice for creating Domain Specific Languages, It is similar to Python.

Javascript — JS is often confused with Java because of the similar name, even though Java is compiled and Javascript is interpreted. Javascript is emerging up in more and more places these days, and its uses have grown beyond web-applications to desktop widgets and web-specific browsers.

Compiled Languages

Java — Java is a advancement of c++, and although it has many popular, supported platforms, it’s uses have been decreased in recent years.

C# — C# was developed by Microsoft Corporation as part of their .NET framework, and is meant to be a modern, programmer-friendly, all-purpose language for its users.

The Best Language

One can not state one particular best language because each language has its own uniqueness. The best language for us would probably going to be the one you already know the best. If you’re a complete novice, PHP will give you more results in less time.

What We Use

We use PHP and Javascript together.